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Welcome to the 3 Sqn RAAF Association Queensland pages of the 3 Squadron Web Site.

These pages will be updated every three months to ensure that ex-members of 3 Sqn, and current serving members, are brought up to date with the activities within the Qld. Branch of the Association.

I would like any thoughts etc. as to the content to be referred to me at:
(Additional contact details listed at the end of this page.)
All suggestions and criticism welcomed and suggestions will be carefully considered.
- The criticisms will, in all probably, be filed in the WPB, thus ensuring they will be treated with the upmost respect.



Queensland Membership Application Form

Sons and Daughters are welcome to join!
Sons and Daughters Application Form

Explanation of the Heraldry of the 3SQN Assn Queensland Crest

Complete eBOOK (17Mb) - "The Lizards That Flew"
- The reconfiguration of 3 Sqn with Mirage IIIO-A aircraft.  Operation Thoroughfare & personal stories by those involved & some of their wives..

'Operation Thoroughfare' 50th Anniversary Reunion Photos


PENANG TRAVEL - maybe of interest

"The UBON Story" (Reprinted with permission from Wings Magazine.)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

LIZARDS - Personal "After Leaving the RAAF" Stories:

LAC Armament Fitter Stan TURNER - "My Story after RAAF Butterworth"

Tony MUMFORD - "My Civilian Working Experiences"

Jim HUNTER - "Motor Racing"

Phil WITTS - "IBM was like one big family..."

Dave BOWDEN - "Wargaming and Cruising the Tropics"

K.J. MOORE - "Deep Space and Precision Metals"

Jack SMITH - "A Long Career in Aviation"

Greg MORRISON - "Armament Fitter to Teacher"

Ken WATSON - "Having fun and enjoying life"

Max LOLLBACK - "Flight-Engineering with Cathay"

"Lizard" Items for Sale


Bill Farrell, Qld. Secretary
Mobile: 0418 667 504

The Qld. Branch has a rapidly-growing local membership, especially from the "Butterworth generations".  A quarterly full-colour State newsletter is emailed and regular social gatherings are organised. 
A small annual subscription is levied. 

Email:  Blue  sec3sqnassocqldgmail.com
 or Terry Sheahan  apits bigpond.net.au  Qld. President Mobile: 0417 608 830



Please “Direct Deposit” your payment to the Association’s Queensland bank account:

Name: “3 Sqn Assoc.” ;  BSB 124001 ;  Account No. 10516100.  (Please identify purchaser's name in your deposit comments.)


3 Squadron Stories

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