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Over Grand Harbour, Malta.  [Painting by Anthony Saunders]




A collection of WW1 photos of bases and events


Captured German Halberstadt after RAF markings had been applied.

Photos from WW1's 2A/C Harold Edwards' collection.  They include some 3 Squadron's airfield locations during 1917-18.


For keen followers of World War One aircraft, here is a page that, whilst it isn't about 3 Squadron, has some authentic and extra-ordinary aircraft pictures taken in 1917-18 by a RNAS man, Captain Harold Watson whilst he was a Navy pilot, specialising in experimental flying from various WW1 ships.


A few WW1 prangs


Our Member Des SHEEHAN has made a fantastic discovery in an old storage box at home.  A “Museum Quality autograph book, in excellent condition, that had been kept by his father, 3AFC RE8 pilot Malcolm SHEEHAN.





Designed in 1943 by Norm French ("Frenchie") and based on the Eighth Army Shield, this  "Kittyhawk" emblem became the Squadron's Desert Air Force badge of honour ...
he red symbolising the blood shed; the yellow, the sands of the desert; and the cross and shield representing the "crusade" which the Squadron undertook as a fighter-bomber unit...


"Prangs for the Memories"  Photos of 1941 Palestine and Syria from the Harry Clare Collection...

  A few photos of "Buzz", the pet monkey of Tiny Cameron [a pilot with 3 Squadron during the desert war in 1941].



The Lou Kemp Collection

Personalities, landscapes and captured enemy aircraft from Africa and Italy.


"3 Squadron Invades Italy"
War photographer Lawrie Le Guay was there to record the historic moments when 3SQN became the first Allied Squadron to operate from the Italian Mainland.  14 September 1943.


Sid Coates Collection 1944-45 (Click here to view Sid's album)



Dive-bombing an Italian boat.

Arthur Pardey's 1945 Italy Collection ...   




Click here for an exciting gallery of four of Drew Harrison's "Jet Age" 3SQN Paintings:


The painting below, of two 3SQN Mirages, is by aviation artist
 Noel Barnes of Western Australia.  Limited edition prints are available for purchase.

“Breakthrough!” - Mirage IIIOs of No.3 Squadron RAAF – Butterworth, Malaysia, early 1980s.

Limited Edition of 100 prints. All signed and numbered by the artist.  Printed on 210 gsm acid-free matt paper in archival inks.  Size 71cm wide by 53cm high.
Cost $90 plus postage.  For further details or orders contact Noel on noelbarnes@dodo.com.au



Two 3SQN F/A-18s in late-1980s markings formate on a Jindivik remote-controlled target-drone for a live missile-shoot off the coast near Nowra NSW.


In their 2002 TV production, "Battle of the Forces", Channel 7 showed how the 3 Squadron at Williamtown handle their war-games:



The Fred and Meg McKay Peace Garden)


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