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Richmond Air Base  - 1940

Train travel to Orontes - 1940

Embarking Orontes - 1940


 Squadron trans-shipped at Bombay to Dilwarra

Bath day on board

Disembark at Port Tewfik, Egypt, 23 August 1940

First camp at Ismalia, Egypt

Then onto the real war

For better or for worse

Catch it and pluck it

Start digging in

 More like home

A kero-tin home in the desert


This is a pranged JU88 at Belandah

Jones, Stevens, ? and Bray


Preparations to fly

Engine work-over 


Armaments loaded


Observation and point marker

Who needs goggles?

Ground staff check-out


Taxiing out with a lookout on the wing


... and away

 Ground Attack

Squadron up

Another take-off ... with a 250lb bmb

Safe and  ... 

 ... ready to celebrate victories

Picking up supplies in town

Always time for a nap in the shade

Airmen's mess - desert style

Then a wash-up and ...

... ready for a bit of leave ...

... to Alexandria - always popular for a leave-pass

Waiting for the next sortie; outside or ...

... in the crew tent-room ("Stinky" is in left corner)

Me109G captured by 3 Squadron

The anti-fly squad making fly-traps

The captured Italian mobile workshop

... open and ready for action

PSP (Pierced Steel Planking) landing ground

 A Mustang being re-fuelled

A bomb-trailer heading for an aircraft bomb-loading area

The yellow marker points to one of "the whistlers" removed from unexploded German bombs and fitted to the wings of our own aircraft to create a terrifying whistle when dive-bombing ... it worked!

A (luckily dud) message dropped by the enemy

Time out in Rosh Pinna, Israel

Bath time

Kittyhawk on fire ... still burning

Mustangs ready for action

Prop change.  (Bill Usher on top holding the blade.)

Swiss guards, Vatican, Rome ...

The Three Padres of the Desert Air Force

Sad moments

Inside the office

Happy chappies near the Erupting Mt. Vesuvius

C'mon fellers - hurry up

Only a few more to go

Malta Men

Ops planning at Taranto

Anyone seen Slim Moore?


Malta Take-off (Tom Russell)


Photos below from Chris Grigg, the grandson of Ivan Hansen, an airframe fitter who was with 3 Squadron in North Africa during World War II.



3 Squadron PICTURES

3 Squadron RAAF HOME/Search