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Photos taken by Harold Edwards, Air Mechanic ("2AM" - Instrument Fitter)
During his WWI service with 3 Squadron A.F.C.

(This material submitted by Adrian Hellwig, author of "AUSTRALIAN HAWK OVER THE WESTERN FRONT: A Biography of Major R S Dallas DSO, DSC, C de G avec Palme".)

On board the troopship "Shropshire", 14.05.1917.

The troopship "Shropshire" 14 April 1917.

Halton Camp Wendover, England Mid 1917.

Harold Edwards first sight of the RE8s of 3 Sqn AFC at Bailleul, early 1918.

3 Sqn AFC RE8s

3 Sqn AFC RE8s, 1918.

Captured Halberstadt CL II, 15342/17 (in recently-applied British markings) at 3 Sqn Villers Bocage landing ground.

WWI Armoured Cars

Harold Edwards (left) with a German 600lb  bomb.

2 AM Harold Edwards "standing guard" over an FE2d.

2AM Harold Edwards outside his tent at Halton Camp, Wendover.

(L to R) Jack Alexander, Jack Mathewson and 2AM Harold Edwards, 3 AFC.

The type of parachute used by Captain Wackett 3 Sqn AFC to drop ammunition to advancing Infantry.

Recovery of a Camel of 4 Sqn AFC 1918.  Photo by Harold Edwards while part of the salvage team.

Crashed RE 8 "N".  Taken by Harold Edwards while part of salvage team.

Crashed FK8 "Big AK" (Identifying "H" on rear fuselage). Taken by Harold Edwards while part of a salvage team.

Photo taken by 2AM Harold Edwards of the original AFC Flag, when they disembarked the P&O liner Kaisar-i-Hind ('Emperor of India') at Melbourne, 14 June 1919.

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3 Squadron PICTURES

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