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The Arthur Pardey Collection

Arthur served as a pilot with 3 Squadron in Italy towards the end of World War II.  This page shows some of his photos, including some very interesting shots now held by the Australian War Memorial.

Teenagers training to become fighter-pilots early in the 1940s:

Arthur and Tiger Moth.



"Blue Orchids." (Nick-name from the blue bands on the trainees' caps.)

Portrait of 432861 Sergeant (later Warrant Officer) Arthur William Pardey, (later of No.3 Squadron, RAAF; he was known as "Bill" on the Squadron),
holding his flying gear, about to board a Miles Master advanced trainer at an airfield in Condover, Shropshire, UK.


Arthur's Italian Operational Photos...

1944 Identity Card.

[AWM P05264.003] Last Sortie of the War in Italy.  Arthur in a Mustang III with "Malcolm Hood" bubble canopy.  At Cervia landing-ground, Italy.

Farrera, Northern Italy.  Don Williamson, Roy Pedler, Reg Wood, Calldicolt and Jake Barklay.

Roy Pedler Outdoor Bath.

Bomfield, Reg Wood, Lew Ranger and Bluey Beales.

"Coity" Ken McRae, Engineering Officer. (Awarded MBE.)

Natter Forsstrom and Padre Fred McKay.

Propaganda leaflet dropped on Axis troops in Italy offering safe conduct if they surrendered.

Long John Boyd in a fairly hazardous position!

Arthur with 3 Squadron Mustangs.

KH853 P-51K-5-NT Mustang IVa.  Served with 3 Sqn.  4/5/45 to 6/8/45.  CV-K, aircraft of F/Lt Ken Richards, DFC & Bar.
(Info:ADF Serials.)


[AWM P05264.006] The 3 Squadron Mustangs at the end of the war were a motley mixture of Mark IIIs and Mark IVs, either camouflaged or bare metal.  The only universal features were the Southern Cross on a blue background painted on each rudder and the red Desert Air Force propeller spinners.

Mustang Mark III CV-L.


[AWM P05264.004]  An aerial view of the patchwork countryside on either side of the Po River, Italy, which is being attacked by Mustang fighter bombers of No 3 Squadron, RAAF. 21 April 1945.  Note the bomb blasts on the north and south banks of the river.


Pontoon Bridge 1,200 ft long (River Po?) - the second-longest built in the war.

[AWM P05264.005]  A view of the starboard side turret and upper hull of a mid-war production Panzerkampfwagen VI Ausf E (Tiger I) German heavy tank which has been destroyed by fighter bombers of the Desert Air Force (DAF).  The vehicle has been coated with protective zimmerit (to prevent the attachment of magnetic mines), giving it a textured and rippled appearance.  Visible on the turret is part of the rear stowage box and the circular escape hatch (left), the opened loader's hatch (top) and two pieces of spare track link attached to the turret side.  Below the sign 'Smashed by DAF', a circular hole in the sheet metal side skirt indicates that the vehicle has been hit by a large calibre projectile, which appears to have penetrated the lower hull plate.  Judging by the blackened appearance and patchiness of the zimmerit, this vehicle appears to have been completely burnt out.  The fate of the five man crew and to what unit they belonged is unknown.

[AWM P05264.002] The view from a Mustang aircraft of No 3 Squadron, RAAF, attacking a small craft in the Adriatic Sea, off shore from the city of Trieste, Italy. 1 May 1945.

Rovigno Bridge - smashed by 3 Squadron.

The destroyed Rovigno bridge and the temporary replacement "Bailey Bridge" (right).


Arthur's Identity Pass for obtaining help from the Russians if shot down. 
Note the duplicate photos which could be used for fake identity documents if necessary.

Arthur with "Stinky" Miller, the mascot from the Pilots' Mess .


Pilots' Mess  at Sammardenchia (following the Victory in Italy), featuring "Stinky".


Here's one of Arthur's great Victory mementos:

THE FLAG ... found in Italy in early 1945. 

[Details of the German insignia stitched onto the flag have been identified by Brian Griffin.]


Details of the attached insignia:

Hitler Youth (Female) district badge. This one for "Sudost Karnten" (Carinthia).
Worn on upper left shoulder of the Hitler Youth shirt.

Luftwaffe sleeve patch for sound locator of the Flak Artillery;
"h" = horcher (anti-aircraft locator personnel).

Hitler Youth patch - sewn on all their tunics/shirts

Tropical dress - rank insignia on sleeve for National Socialist Motor Corps (Nationalsocialistische Kraftfahr Korps)

NSKK Continental officers tunic insignia

Luftwaffe officers breast eagle for continental tunics  + collar insignia for flak officer.

Luftwaffe cloth 'pilots badge'.  Sewn on left lower chest area of tunic.

Luftwaffe sleeve insignia of "flying personnel"

Luftwaffe sleeve insignia of 'aircraft technical personnel'

Luftwaffe sleeve insignia of 'medical personnel'

3 Squadron Images

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