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Vale Warrant Officer Engineer Charles Edward ‘Ned’ WARK.

Passed away on the 6th February 2016.  Aged 86.

Butterworth circa 1959: Neil Handsley and Ned Wark catch some rays, on the wing of a 3SQN Sabre.

Neil Handsley writes: 

Past Queensland President and genuine all-round good guy, Ned Wark, passed away in February of this year, after battling illness for some time.  Ned enlisted in the RAAF as an airman recruit in Brisbane on the 16th July 1951.  He served loyally and well for the next 28 years, until his honourable discharge at Amberley in August 1979. 

Over that extensive period Ned served in ten locations across four states, the ACT, Malaysia and SUPCOM.  Ned was an excellent tradesman, receiving five significant promotions from Aircraftsman to Warrant Officer Engineer (with that last being a prized target of all).  Throughout his career he never lost his love of the Air Force and his enlisted life. 

In 1953, during his ‘Engine Fitters’ Course at Wagga, Ned met up with me and we became life-long friends.

As Ned was married, I was regularly invited to his home to share in home-cooked meals.  Ned had many interests, of which boating and fishing were at the top.  He was also a dedicated family man who treasured his many friendships.  ‘Bee-keeping’ was another of his many interests, along with Rugby League, gardening and his ‘chooks’. 

Ned was a gentleman; a true friend to many.  He will be missed by so many. 

RIP Ned, your passing has touched us all. 

[Ned is buried in Caboolture Lawn Cemetery.]

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