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The Mustang as an ARTWORK...

Artwork (Detail) by John Stanley.  (Reproduced with permission from the artist.)

Shown below are several spectacular "profile" artworks of 3 Squadron Mustangs, created by the prolific and very talented Texan aviation artist John Stanley.  John has prepared these delightful “profiles” for us using digital graphics software, depicting 3 Squadron Mustang aircraft from the 1944-45 era in Italy. 

[More of John's amazing work can be seen on his extensive website.  John's company can print any of his images  up to “hangar wall” size and in pin-sharp detail!  - The digital composition of all the drawings means that they scale-up flawlessly.   See John’s contact page for further enquiries.  The other gallery pages on John's website provide a fascinating series of well-captioned cameos on topics including WW2 Armour, Luftwaffe Warbirds and other Super-Detailed Artwork.]

No.3 Squadron was the first RAAF squadron to fly the superlative Mustang in combat, carrying out mainly dive-bombing and ground attack missions in Italy and Yugoslavia.  An exciting example (but rare, at that time of the war) of air-to air combat using No.3's Mustangs is described in our article "Boxing Day". 

Australian-built Mustangs were also operated by the Squadron post-war, once No.3 Squadron re-formed in Australia from 1948.

Mustang III KH618.  "CV-J"

 This aeroplane had the dubious distinction of being the last-ever 3 Squadron aircraft shot down by an enemy fighter, on the 26th of December 1944 (as mentioned in our feature “Boxing Day”).  Pilot Jack Quinn. 
KH618 was one of the original Mustangs delivered to 3 Squadron in November 1944, this aircraft was originally coded CV- ("Diamond").


Mustang IV KH677 "CV-P"

First flown by Squadron Leader Murray Nash, later re-coded CV- ("Diamond") it was lost on 11 April 1945 with 3 squadron's last combat fatality, "Jungle  Jim" Edmonds.

Frontal View KH677


Mustang IV (Natural Metal Finish) KH716.  "CV-P"

Flown by Squadron Leader Murray Nash up until the end of World War II in Italy.


Front View of KH716 - slinging a couple of 500lb Bombs!




For each profile above, we can supply a SUPER-DETAILED digital
 enlargement to Association Members if desired, suitable for printing
 on A3-sized paper for framing.  Please
contact us.

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