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2001 Williamtown Reunion - 85th Birthday of the Squadron

On 20 September 2001, a visit to the Squadron base at Williamtown

NSW President Arthur Pardey compares a Hornet to his memories of the P51 Mustang


Checking out Fighter World


Rev Bob Davies, Jock McAuley (Victorian President) & Ken McRae


Rev Bob Davies (front) and Bob and Jeannie Gibbes with a Fokker Triplane in the colours of the "Red Baron"


On the tarmac


Photo shoot


Tom Russell still preferred his Kittyhawk despite of what they say about the Hornet!
- He didn't need a computer to aim his bombs!


Former ground-crew and serving "Erks" at Williamtown base in October 2001.

Press photos:

In 2001, Tudor Allen, a Gunny in the Western Desert and Italy during WW2, compared notes with 3 Squadron FA18 Gunnies. The question: Were the 6x0.5in. Kitty and Mustang Brownings as good as the Hornet's 20mm Gatling gun?   Cpl Ashley Ranford,  3 Squadron ADASTFITT in 2001, loves the history so much he built a replica model of ex 3  Squadron  C.O. WGCDR Bobby Gibbes's P40E Kittyhawk ... 

Ashley's detailed model of Bobby Gibbes' Kittyhawk  CV-V

aircrew and former pilots and families at Williamtown 2001

3 Squadron EVENTS

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